MAKSVEL DEVELOP is a friendly, kind, energetic, youthful and innovative company. We encourage creativity and the desire to create something new and unique. We are perfectionists, and we value the results of our work above all else.

One of the company's core values is the people who work for it. That's why the company strives to improve employee comfort and productivity as much as possible.

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Areas of Expertise and Practice

Mobile app promotion

Our service enables you to attract new target audiences for both iOS and Android mobile apps, boost your app installs and increase your in-app conversion rate. We work with ad networks, app stores and analytics

SEOat the development stage

It's recommended for more effective work of a website to start optimizing it even before its launch.
Analysis and creation of an additional technical requirement document for SEO before the release of a website. We can help you make a search engine friendly site and set the stage for the following promotion of a new resource, saving you both time and money.

Web analytics

We help you find solutions, gain insights, and improve your decision-making process. We combine data from different systems and databases, set up automatiс collection, filtering, calculation, and visualization of your marketing and sales data.We also set up the collection of data on the flow of funds and goods as well as user behavior data on a website and in offline stores.

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